Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mariposas, Cocos, y un Perrito

Mariposas, Cocos, y un Perrito

In the end of November Yoyi and I took a little trip to his aunt's farm. It was not the right season for most of the fruit, but there were some entertaining animals.

Not long after arriving we took a scary walk on the side of the highway into the closest town to buy food for dinner. I came back carrying this:

Scared little puppy

The puppy was a present for Yoyi's aunt. There were cats and chickens and the puppy was frightened at first, but then he wanted to play with all of them.

One of the chickens had been injured by some animal that attacked it in the night. This was the start of the chickens sleeping in the trees. I found this to be unbelievable and hilarious.

Time for the chickens to go to bed in the trees

¡Buenas noches!

That night there was a lot of rapid Spanish conversation that I couldn't understand. I also got bug bites out the wazootie. Living in a foreign country is about pushing the limits of your comfort zone, but there are other times when things are uncomfortable and sketchy and just not quite right. I had some weird dreams that seemed more like warnings to get out of my situation.

next morning after a very restless and insect filled sleep, we took a little walk to a lake and had a very peaceful morning observing nature.


some type of morning glory (?)

otra mariposa

Some interesting plant I don't know the name of in Spanish or English

nido de avispas


After the nature walk it was time for brunch of patacones y huevos.

Cooking patacones on the open fire

There was no drinking water available on the farm. We carried some back from town, but it was heavy. Instead, on Sunday I drank a lot of coconut water. Coconuts are plentiful and supposedly their water has some nutritional properties. This is not coconut milk, but the water that's inside a green coconut. The milk is white and made from the meat, the water is clear. I have often said I could live on a tropical island because I love the climate, fish, and coconuts. Well, I'm not on an island, but I am in a tropical part of the Colombia and on that day I was living off the least a little bit.



carving with a machete...

...nothing like a good fresh coconut. Mmmm agua de coco.

Even the dog and cat like them, although later the dog vomited.

Most of the rest of my day was spent in the hammock playing with the puppy, reading surf magazines in English and translating them for Yoyi, and reading Capitán Calzoncillos (Captain Underpants) in Spanish with Yoyi helping me out with some new vocabulary. Oh, occasionally I'd get thirsty and Yoyi would go get me a coconut to drink.

Sounds like paradise, but having a boyfriend who isn't currently working, has no money, not enough ambition to change, and some surroundings that have made me a little ill-at-ease, I was feeling that we had about reached the end. We certainly have had some fun together, but it seemed like the relationship had run its course.

I had really been missing my dog Sombra who is in Portland. It was really great to have some time with a little puppy. He kind of looked like a little bear so we named him Osito.

Osito y yo en la hamaca

Osito playing with my hair kind of hurt, but I was mostly laughing

Ta ta chan! El perrito se llama Osito to the rescue!

Oh Osito, I miss you now too!

Sometimes happiness is a warm puppy. I hope Sombra doesn't get jealous.

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