Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coveñas y la Ecosistema de los Manglares

Coveñas y la Ecosistema de los Manglares

After spending all Saturday touring Las Islas San Bernardo, Kären and I headed to Coveñas. It is a beautiful little Caribbean beach town that was 45 minutes away from where we were in Tolú, and about 6-7 hours away by bus from Barranquilla.

I arose early and walked across the street to the beach.

outside our hotel

Coveñas beach early in the morning

la sombra

We casually strolled along the beach for the majority of the morning. Eventually we came to a rode. There was a canoe trip de los manglares, or mangroves. Kären convinced me to go. I was not disappointed.

We were paddled leisurely in the canoe through the labyrinth of mangroves. We saw literally thousands of crabs who live here, but they scampered away before any pictures could be taken. Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, so all pictures below were taken by Kären.

The river met the sea, so it was salt and fresh water.

The light made for some extraordinary colors

The mangrove tunnel

On the way back I thought I'd give our guide a break and row a little myself

After our canoe trip it was time to wander along the beach back to the hotel, we had to work the next morning. Might as well enjoy the walk back with a little swim and tropical fruit.

Eating salted mangoes next to the water on the beach.

mango flower

adios for now Coveñas

What a nice relaxing weekend. It was worth the 6 hour bus ride back.

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