Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cartagena – The Old and the Beautiful

Cartagena – The Old and the Beautiful

If you are from the United States, the chances are that you don’t know very many people who have visited Colombia. If you do ever meet someone who has been here, the chances are that they have been to either Bogotá or Cartagena. I have not been to Bogotá except the airport yet, but I’ve now been to Cartagena twice, and I will definitely return. There are so many reasons to love Cartagena. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone.

I had been in Colombia all of 3 days the first time I went to Cartagena. It was before I had this blog, and then school started so I never got the chance to write about it.

Cartagena has it all: indigenous culture from Pre-Colombian times, the old world charm of Spanish Colonialism, a Caribbean vibe, modern sophistication, flowers, good food, nature, culture, dancing, shopping, it’s on a beach, and just a really vibrant feel when you walk around the city. It’s a hard place not to love. Now having been there again, I want to enthusiastically restate my love for it: I love you Cartagena!

Here are a ton of pictures of Cartagena in all its loveliness.

View looking in to the old city

Plaza de la Paz

Plaza de Coches



Church detail

It's even pretty at night

Nice panorama by Kären

Horse-drawn carriage ride with Dave, Kären, and her mom

Attention to color and form

Attention to detail

Quintessential Cartagena

Flags of Cartagena and Colombia




Plaza de los dulces

balconies galore

handicrafts for sale

the modern city

plain style

elaborate style


Kären in her natural habitat - the bookstore

Colombia Somos Todos

The fruit sellers

Cara bonita

Botero is from here

Puro Colombiano

La vista del Mar Caribe and the possible inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbean

Now maybe you love Cartagena too.

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