Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oddities and Pleasantries (and a few enigmas)

Oddities and Pleasantries (and a few enigmas)

These random little things are part of my world here.

‘God Purifies’ is written in English on the water filter in the school kitchen. This makes me smile each time I see it.

When students at school run for student council (personera/-o), they give speeches and make campaign posters in schools all over the world. They usually look like this:

This is what some high school posters looked like:
Pretty fancy, huh?

But this is a 6th grader's campaign poster:

Wow! I am definitely impressed.

I am puzzled by the amazing speed of the sweeping up anything that falls or is dropped on the floor at school, but wonder why there is such a dearth of toilet paper.

Why is the accordion so popular here? Vallenato is chock full of accordion. I hear Vallenato EVERYWHERE here.

This is the hole in my wall that I didn’t know was there until after I’d been here about 3 weeks. It is about 10 x 10 inches. It is between two rooms that always have the door open, so it was hidden. Why is it there? I do not know.

The square hole of mystery

Why is the pool closed when I want to use it?

Ahh, the scent of burning fields - delightful.

The distant view of the sea from school and my neighborhood - soothing.
Sometimes from my classroom sometimes it looks like there is a boat floating in the sky because the horizon line is not visible and the water and the sky both look a hazy white.

The occasional sound of a chirping gecko will never get old to me.

I even enjoy the warm humid breezes.

Again, I will profess my love for the magic cashiers at the store. I now buy my groceries, pay my electric, water, and gas bills, recharge my phone, and recharge my internet there.
How do they do it?! They are amazing!

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