Thursday, September 10, 2009



Yes, upon the first day of meeting students I heard about Junior. Come on, we’re talking about 6th grade boys here. This is the soccer (fútbol) team here in Barranquilla. Last Sunday I went to go see them, and thankfully they won.

Before the game with sexy cheerleaders

Right before a goal.
Advertising with the odd absence of a scoreboard.

I will not pretend to be a sportswriter, that I most definitely am not, but I will write my uneducated personal highlights.

They played a team called Chico from Bogotá and were down 2 – 0 the majority of the first half. Right before halftime they scored a goal, but they were still down 2 – 1. Little bags of water to drink are thrown on to the field when the players are thirsty. I heard the word puta a lot!

In the second half they made a remarkable comeback scoring 4 points. If I thought my classroom was loud, that was nothing compared to when Junior scored a goal. The game ended with Junior winning 5-2.

This was just part of what looked like the cast of YMCA

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I wouldn't mess with these guys though.

the mascot is a shark

Selling of Colombian treats

Why in Spanish speaking country would choose a team name in English that begins with a 'J', which Spanish speakers pronounce like an English 'H', I do not know. The chanting of Junior sounds a bit strange because of this. JUNIOR! JUINOR! JUNIOR!

GOAL! (Though it's hard to see, because the man in front of me stood up as they scored.)

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