Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mi Apartamento

Mi Apartamento

My apartment is quite roomy for one person, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room. It is nice, and a lot bigger and nicer than I expected.

view from the top of my hill

my kitchen - note gas stove! But no cabinets.

dining room

living room

the office bedroom (there is a tiny yoga room, but it's so small, the picture didn't turn out)

my bedroom

my view outside - 18 inch wide balcony (what you can't see, but I can hear, is the highway behind the hill)

bathroom (it has a twin)

Clothes washer in the kitchen. Clothes must be hung to dry.

I live in a complex called Miramar, which is so new it isn’t even on Google maps. It’s also still under construction. It’s in the northwest area of the city. The hills are very steep here, unlike anywhere else in the city. At the top of my hill I do have a distant view of el mar - the sea. It is windy and at night the wind often howls through my windows.

It feels a bit isolated from most of the city, and like I’m surrounded by cement high rises, but it is very safe. It is also close to school and El Centro Commercial Miramar. That seems to be a big deal here. This means that I’m close to a mall where I can grocery shop (we already know about the magic cashiers), do banking, eat a meal, buy clothes and household products, and fortunately, in my case, go to the gym. The Miramar mall is extremely new (not all the stores are even open yet) and is not nearly as big as the neighboring Centro Commercial Buena Vista. That’s a place where people like to go hang out, much more so than Miramar.

I’m not much of a mall girl, but I am glad I can walk to the grocery store, gym, and bank – now that I finally have a bank account with some (not much) money in it. Also, the air conditioning is nice. For some reason it never ceases to amaze me when I open the door and walk outside after going to the gym and grocery store – it will be 7 o’clock at night, dark, and a warm, humid, summery breeze hits me like a wet blanket. I love hot humid weather, so for me it’s great. Oh, one last thing, there is a pool in my complex Portal de Miramar. It’s hot and surprisingly sunny right now, so I think it’s time for a little swim before I start on the mountain of papers I need to grade.

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  1. i like it. way different than our city place. that is one of the cool things about teaching abroad... you can live in any type of place! hope all is well. will be looking forward to talking about our trips next time we see you!