Monday, May 31, 2010

Jirafa de Cerveza

Jirafa de Cerveza

It had been a nice day of surfing in Pradomar, Karen even caught her first wave.

Karen is up!

We took a brief musical journey to my apartment.

La luna bella

Elizabeth and Fatima

Elizabeth and Yoyi

Karen and Fatima dancing

Dave had a friend in town and we’d been wanting to go the Aguila World. Karen, Dave, and I had been calling it Aguila World so long I thought that’s what it was actually called, but apparently it isn’t. It does have a lot of Aguila... Aguila sofa... Aguila living room set...

...Aguila clothes...

...Karen loves sipping Aguila in her Aguila chair...

...and there is a globe sculpture with Aguila written on it out in front. The taxi driver knew what we meant. What it is actually called, I don’t know, but it should be called El Mundo de Aguila. The reason we wanted to go there was simple: the tower of Aguila.

Here it is:

Dave called it a torre de cerveza, which is what seemed logical, until we found out it has a much better name: Jirafa de cerveza. A giraffe of beer. This image delights me to no end.

It was kind of like drinking beer from a keg, so it was a little bit flat, but it was the novelty of drinking from a giraffe of beer that made it worth it.


  1. why are arms hanging from the ceiling in the last photo? Very disturbing- and after seeing that furniture I wouldn't have thought there would be anything more disturbing.

  2. que maravilla es el mundo de la cerveza , barranquilla es un encanto de ciudad .
    me senti como cuando acabe de nacer

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