Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bags for Sale

Bags for Sale

In Colombia you can buy many liquid or gel-like products packed in a bag. At first you may think, well, that’s not unusual. Have you bought milk or water in a bag? Before I came to Colombia, I had not. In Thailand when I bought soda it would often be poured in a bag and I’d be given a straw, but that was so they could keep the bottle to get the rebate. Here, no, it’s just sold in the bag from the start.

At first to me it seemed a little odd, but with the lack of recycling, it makes sense: less volume in the landfill. That said, the amount of plastic garbage I see on the side of the road everywhere makes me sad.

Here are some of the things I buy in a bag : water, milk, cream, Suero, jam, hair conditioner and shampoo.
water in a bag

How to drink water from the bag




How am I going to pour this?

With the milk, I wondered, “How am I going to pour this?” I got a pitcher and poured it from the bag to the pitcher, but then it took on the flavor of anything else in the refrigerator and usually spoiled quickly. Yoyi showed me that I should just snip off the corner of the bag and put the whole bag of milk in the pitcher. Ahh, that works much better.

This is much easier to pour now

I’ve gotten used to the bag. In the case of Suero the bag is better.

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