Friday, April 30, 2010

My Love Affair with Maracuya

My Love Affair with Maracuya

I’m not quite sure how it started, but I fell in love with maracuya. For a while it was nispero, but in the end, maracuya won my heart.

maracuya inside and out

Was it the shiny yellow outside? Its oval shape? Could it be because it's lightweight yet strong? No, it must be the way it made an impression on my lips and mouth...luscious.

inside the fruit

The inside seeds are covered in a kind of slimy gel that is actually a delicious fruit. It's challenging to eat in fruit form with its texture as well as its tartness, but blended with some water, ice, and a tiny bit of sugar, it’s a tang-o-licious taste sensation.

The seeds get ground up and sink to the bottom. If you get it a a juice place, they'll strain them out, but I don't mind the little bit of crunch. Watching the grey seeds separate from the yellow-orange juice is also visually pleasing to me.

Maracuya, water, ice, and a little sugar

The shell almost looks like a lamprey when the insides taken out.

Is it a lamprey or some other sea creature? No, just a hollowed out maracuya.

Tropical fruit is something I’ve liked trying in every country because I can be rest-assured that it’s vegetarian. I know for sure maracuya will be something from Colombia that I will dearly miss. Maracuya juice, I love you. I'm sorry to say that one day I will have to leave you for another. You may be replaced by my former love from Oregon, the marionberry.

mmm, ambrosial

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