Saturday, October 3, 2009

Little Addendum (with lots-o-links)

Little Addendum (with lots-o-links)

There are some bits of information that I have learned post publishing that I would like to add here. Because it is not obvious in the color scheme of this blog, anything underlined is a link to more information if you click on it.

To add to Junior:

I found out that a Junior player named Javier Florez killed a fan who was heckling him. Yikes! Name calling hurts a LOT here. The thing is, that after he paid the fine of $75,000 USD, he was released from prison and is playing on the team again! I probably even saw him play at the I attended. I heard this from 3 Barranquilleros, as the folks are called here, and confirmed it on colombiareports on the internet.

I also read this from offside, which I hope was written tongue in cheek:
“Javier was also supposedly high, but on marijuana – so chances are this was a more mellow murder than it could’ve been.”

How is a murder, even if you’re high, ever mellow?

To add to Things That Make Me Laugh, Smile, or Cringe:

I noticed yesterday the slogan in small letters under Cunit
el sabor preferido (which means – the preferred taste)
I think that one can safely be put in the 'cringe' category.

To add to A Not Altogether Peaceful Peace Week:
Things have gotten better at school. Community Circles in my class have gone over incredibly well. Behaviors in my 6th grade class have improved considerably. For my extracurricular class with the 7th and 8th graders, I had one boy who behaved horribly, but I handled it very calmly and yet, firmly.

School is incredibly busy, and challenging, but now the challenges are more of the normal kind of teaching challenges, not the kind of challenges where basic needs are not being met. I know how to do all the essentials and I’ve even had some good food. For some reason yesterday there was an international food day at school and we could buy rolls from a sushi restaurant that catered the lunch. Yum! Oh, of course there are still the occasional hassles – like yesterday when I got home from school there was no water, but when I arrived home last night it was on again. These are the kinds of things to be expected in Colombia, and as long as they’re temporary, which they usually are, they don’t bother me that much.

Late yesterday afternoon when going to find the Tourist Information Office, that according to my guidebook “...should be open by now”, I accidentally ended up going to a really cool museum, Museo del Caribe (which incidentally did have a bit of tourist information). The Museum was in an incredibly new and ultramodern building in a very unlikely (read: sketchy) setting. (Don't worry, I took a taxi to and from there) There were 5 floors divided like this:
Naturaleza - Nature
Gente - People
Palabra – Word
Acción - Action
Expresion – Expression (that was obvious, but false cognates are in abundance, so never assume)
I think that right there gives you an idea of what is valued in Caribbean in Colombia. I spent a lot of time in Naturaleza to see about places that I’d like to visit.

Outside view of Museo del Caribe

Next weekend (Oct 9-12), after being in school since August 10th, we have our first holiday. It’s a 4-day weekend, so I am making plans to get out in la naturaleza.

As for now, it’s a rainy Saturday morning and I have a ton of work to do for school for Monday. Now that I finally have all the materials and standards, I need to get my yearlong plans done by Monday, I was told this on Thursday. We don’t have students next week, but we have meeting after meeting with about 3 hours of free time all week, hence working on a rainy Saturday. There is some big party at a colleague’s house near the beach tonight, so I’d best get cracking on schoolwork.

To send you off, here's one last link of where I plan to spend most of the day. Mmm coffee.

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