Monday, January 17, 2011

Refecting Back

Reflecting Back

Since it’s just post New Year - a natural time for reflection, coupled with the fact that I’ve had time away from my life in Colombia, I thought I’d finally finish up this blog. I also noticed that the hits on this blog have surpassed the 10,000 mark. A big thank you to all you readers!

There are several pieces I wrote at various times throughout my time in Colombia that I left in various stages in the writing process, but hadn’t taken them all the way through to publishing. I thought I’d finish those off and wrap this up.

When people ask, “How was it?” My sister Wendy came up with a succinct and accurate one-sentence answer: It was kind of a mixed bag.

I tried to keep this blog focused on the positive or found humor in the negative for the most part, so I didn’t publish a lot of the things that made my life quite miserable at times. My daily life of school was really pretty horrible, however my vacations and travel in other places in Colombia were usually wonderful. My relationship with Yoyi also had its own plusses and minuses. Obviously, everything, everyone, and everywhere have things we like and dislike.

I will not dwell in the negative, but I will publish a few of the darker pieces that were part of my overall experience. I will also post some incredible pictures and places that are just gorgeous. I would also like to embed hilarity when possible.

Apart from the obvious closure that finishing this blog will bring to mi vida Colombiana, I’d also like to finish because I spent my Christmas vacation volunteering in Nicaragua. I would like to write a separate blog about the amazing times I had there. Stay tuned for the upcoming La Nica Experiencia.

For now, after a long break, let’s continue La Vida Colombiana.

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