Monday, August 17, 2009

Mud Bath Volcano

Mud Bath Volcano
On our first weekend, my North American colleagues and I decided to go to Cartagena. I will write more about that later. On the way to Cartagena we stopped by a “mud volcano” called Volcan Totumo. At first it just kind of reminded me of a large termite hill and didn’t look very impressive. Oh, but just wait.

The four of us climbed up the rickety staircase in our bathing suits. At the top, it basically looked like a pool of mud. If any of you have ever done ceramics, it was like stepping into a vat of clay slip. The odd sensation was that you couldn’t sink. It was the most buoyant substance I have ever experienced. It was impossible not to laugh. Because it was a completely new and unique adventure of the senses, I felt like I was 3 years old.

volcan totumo entrance

First of all our “mud guides” helped us in, and then they lined us up like 4 cadavers. They then proceeded to give us mud massages and every once in a while would remove mud from our ears and lips, which was necessary. They were floating just like us and told us that the volcano was 2,300 meters deep! It really only smelled of clay like a ceramics studio, not the sulfur smell that hot springs have. The mud was about body temperature or slightly cooler, not molten lava. I loved it!

laughing, not screaming

the 4 North American mud lovers

There were guys taking pictures and the others who massaged us while we relaxed and cracked up for about 30-40 minutes. Just as we were about to be taken down to the lake to be washed off by the ridiculously beautiful local women, we saw the approaching tour bus…and then another. As we had had a relaxing and lengthy experience these people got about 5 minutes of time in the mud and I doubt they even got massages. Our whole mud volcano episode, including tips, cost about $10. I am certain I will return, and if any of you visit me, we’ll be sure to go.


happy in the mud

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  1. That looks like something I did in Napa Valley last year. The mud was really heavy, but warm and it felt very relaxing.