Saturday, March 20, 2010

Las Olas Han Regresado

Las Olas Han Regresado

Las olas han regresado,” – the waves have returned, is what an amiga said to me when she saw Yoyi and I together again. It’s true, they had, and it was time for me to be a little bit more serious about my surf habit. It was time for me to get a board of my own.

Our family celebrated my dad’s birthday and I flew to Florida for the occasion. My brother and I took a trip to Ron Jon and I bought a surfboard. For those in the know, it’s 6’8” and is shaped like a mini-longboard.

My very own surfboard

This time returning to Barranquilla after my brief journey could not be more different than it was in the beginning of January. Yoyi came to pick me up from the airport, I had my new surfboard in hand, and it was the beginning of Carnavales. Back at my apartment, Kären, Yoyi, and celebrated with a bottle of wine while we opened up the gifts I’d brought back from the US.

Las olas han regresado

I returned on a Friday night and took the surfboard to the beach with Yoyi on Saturday morning to try it out. ¡Exito! It was the right board for me. We surfed in the ‘secret spot’ in front of his house. The waves were perfect for trying out the new board. Surfing with Yoyi is always fun, if a bit humbling. He always helps me improve and cheers me on. It was a hot and partly cloudy Saturday afternoon and we were the only ones there. I admired the beauty of the white garzas flying then landing on their tree, and decided to pay no mind to the burning plastic.

Trying out my new board

Even though I might be getting better...

...I'm nowhere near as good as Yoyi

That night I was treated to a post-travel, post-surf massage and slept like a baby.

Arising on Sunday after being away from work for over a week was a bit of a shock – whoa! I had loads of work to catch up on. Somehow, even if it causes some sleep deprivation, it all gets done. When it gets too stressful, I just need to think of the Sea.

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