Wednesday, February 17, 2010

La Hora de la Vanidad

La Hora de la Vanidad

If you are thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, Colombia is definitely a good place to visit. I have seen more fake breasts here than I’ve seen anywhere in my life. Often they are accompanied by fake rear ends also. The thing is the women here are generally absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure they all looked beautiful before the surgery. I’ve never been big on the beauty salon or even make up, but I decided it was time for a little vanity.

I had heard that it was really cheap to get haircuts, manicures, and pedicures here. Surrounded by all these beauties with their thick, straight, dark hair, my blonde, thin, wavy hair often sticks out like a sore thumb. I’m a little nervous about getting my hair cut here because I think they wouldn’t quite know what to do with it, but manicures and pedicures sometimes just feel good. I had asked the day before and they said it would be 10.000 for manicure 12.000 for a pedicure. This adds up to $11 dollars total. I thought that sounded reasonable.

The next day Karen and I entered the beauty salon in our centro comercial (read: mall) to the sound of hairdryers blowing while trying to hear and understand a woman speaking in Spanish wearing a surgical mask. There was lots of giggling and I couldn’t help but feel we might be the butt of a joke.

They started with the pedicure. It wasn’t the best one I’d ever had, but it was OK. I decided on a French manicure, and it was definitely better than pedicure. When we got the bill it was 20.000 pesos each (or $10 each) and no, you don’t need to tip on this service in Colombia. We left with prettier, more feminine feet and hands. I was pleased with the price and told some Colombian friends, who told us that was expensive and it should be more like $8.00 total.

It might just be worth going back. Should I dare have them cut my hair?

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